We offer a range of services and skills as required by our client needs:
  • Management & Staff Training
  • Team Building
  • Group Facilitation 
  • Programme Management & Consultancy
  • Executive & Career Coaching
  • Development Programme Design & Delivery
Our most popular programmes:

Early Intervention 
  • creating stronger awareness of management responsibility
  • understanding risks & pitfalls of poor management
  • early intervention : nipping issues in the bud
  • handling serious issues effectively
  • minimising impact of poor staff management practices 
Building a Performance Culture
  • building on team strengths
  • creating greater team spirit and interdependence
  • greater engagement at all levels
  • rebuilding trust, respect and confidence
  • establishing strong values and purpose
  • re-energise and re-focus around business goals
Critical Conversations for Performance
  • putting performance management into practice
  • effective 1:1's that motivate and inspire
  • setting clearer expectations and objectives
  • challenging poor performance positively
  • building stronger manager:employee relationships
  • developing coaching and feedback skills