These are some of our major success stories where we have partnered with key clients over an extended period of repeat business. 

We are delighted to have helped grow the management capability at Zenith dramatically over the years. Much of this was delivered virtually with global management teams across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

We have worked with  Develop Potential for the past 6 years. Ciaran developed and delivered a programme to engage all our people managers in effective use of Performance Management and Development. This has been critical to our success as we have expanded globally. Ciaran’s experience and engaging style really connected with our people. He encouraged and stimulated our managers to really engage with our technical staff in very practical ways. This extends to the workshops conducted via internet with our management teams in US and Asia. More recently he developed and delivered a management foundations programme for over 50 of our front line team managers which was a huge success. In particular our managers gained a lot from embedding the Discovery Insights personality profiles into the training"  -- Eileen Martin, L&D manager, Zenith Technologies

We have partnered with the senior team of NextRoll (formerly AdRoll) to enable best in class management skills through a novel leadership development programme.

“Develop Potential has taken our Leadership team on a bespoke leadership journey that is perfectly aligned to our culture, supports our business and is appropriately challenging to adopt and apply new skills with greater confidence and impact. Ciaran and John went to extra mile to learn about how our business and our culture works, and used this knowledge to design an extremely effective curriculum.”   Becky Dwyer, former Learning Manager, AdRoll